Hi everyone and welcome to my website Infinite Minds. I’m Paul a Certified Hypnotherapist (dhp), Reiki master and psychic medium.

Paul ScaifeI travel wherever I’m needed and I’m able to change you for the better.

As a hypnotherapist who has been trained and qualified with the UK hypnosis academy I’ve been able to work with people’s subconscious mind to rewire their subconscious. I have done many different things from stop smoking to past life regressions.

The human mind is very complex and sometimes we all need a little help in life to get us back on track.

As a Reiki master in the USUI style and an angelic level 2 healer I am able to work with a person’s aura and energy field to unblock chakra’s and let them spin in the way which is right for you.

When a person’s life force energy also know as chi energy and many different names is blocked or not spinning correctly it can create problems within us spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

With regular sessions of reiki I’m able to teach, heal mentor and guide you back to your physical and emotional well being so you can take on the day to day challenges of your life with ease.

Finally as a psychic medium I’m able to work with you with the spirit world as a spirit communicator and clairvoyant. I’m able to help you with your past present and possible future in a life reading.

With the use of my tarot cards I also work on a psychic level so there are many different layers to help you with. One to one readings are available and platform as well. In the future I will be doing weekend workshops in your area should there be enough interest.
Growing up I’ve always felt different to other people and felt there was something more to this life. I was never religious as to me I needed evidence. Being aware of the spirit world consciously in my early 30s I quickly learned to work with spirit on my path in life which is to help YOU.

My spirit guides have shown me many things and I’ve been able to help many people. Starting off my spiritual path in Germany with the British forces I’ve been able to help, show, guide and heal many people within the forces community.paul scaife profile

Starting off a small business called Heavens Gift Sennelager Stacey my business partner and I quickly started helping a lot of people in Germany, in the technology age we live in I am able to help more and more people all over the world connecting through programs such as Skype and websites.

Hypnotherapy also known as skype-nosis is possible so you can experience this in the comfort of your own home. Readings and distant healing are also available on the internet.
A little something about me personally I enjoy photography and have a keen eye for photos with a unique spark.

Learning is one of the things I do with a passion and weather its conspiracy related or things such as inter dimensional beings I can’t get enough. I’m able to use the things I’ve learned in life to be able to show people many different ideas and different points of views in life.

If you have any questions or enquirers please don’t hesitate to email or message me and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can. I look forward to helping you and show you how you can take back control of your life, Namaste.