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DEPRESSION 2.6 / 100

ANXIETY 4.7 / 100



P T S D 3.0 / 100



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How can Hypnotherapy help me?

Helps you identify any unfinished business

Release the stored emotions/experiences

Replaces trauma/negative with positivity and energy

“Remember, If the mind can get you into this situation, it can get you out.”


Mental Health is now in the era of being taken serious and no longer has the stigma attached it had in previous times, please, if you think you may have issues holding you back in life.

  • Sufferers are sometimes unaware of the reasons for depression, often unaware of what is really causing problems deep down, this is held without their knowing in past events which have perhaps traumatized.
  • Sometimes depression is a natural, instinctive period of mourning, or nursing of pain, the ‘comfort zone’ of inactivity seeming preferable to the world of action, to the effort of action.
  • Things seem pointless and in deeper depression nothing seems interesting or inspiring except for the gratification of basic animal functions such as desire for food – even these can be affected. Imagine life as a game of tug-of-war, where two teams try to pull the rope over a white line – Let’s say the game represents your life, a reflection of your life’s own progress of ups and downs, setbacks versus achievements.

When you are winning it feels great, but when things go the other way, the opposition forces keep pulling the rope away from you, it may get so bad that you just want to let go of the rope, leave the field (ie stop playing the game of life) and take no active part for a while. You just want to sit on the grass and recoup, maybe watch the others or, more likely, take no interest. Some people, sadly, even take their own lives because there is so much pain or loss they don’t want to take part permanently.

The good news is that through hypnotherapy, the parts of the mind that are causing the depression can be helped to come to terms with things and can be persuaded to release all the old feelings of well being, contentment and enthusiasm – they are still there, deep down, blocked by what has happened, or by disappointment, waiting to be released. Take heart, there is a way out. I have seen dramatic transformations take place after just one session of hypnotherapy on several occasions. However quickly you respond, I urge you to give it a go. for a FREE CONSULTATION Contact me

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Many of my depression clients go on to become a source of new referrals.

“Remember, If the mind can get you into this situation, it can get you out.”

Once depression has set in it can have a huge negative effect on one’s life and well being. Through the use of hypnotherapy with rewiring of the mind to make it that you are able to take control back again of your life. This process can be done in as little as just a single session, but can take more depending on the state of the person. If you feel you need to talk more about this please feel free to contact me with no obligation – do not suffer in silence – fix it.
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