Weight Management is not just about those who wish to lose weight, but also for those who have trouble putting on or holding their ideal weight, at Infinite Minds we are developing methods and modals which cater for all kinds of health needs, not just weight loss or fat removal, but healthy eating lifestyle changes and motivational techniques.

The role of hypnotherapy in weight loss has not yet been fully and conclusively studied by scientists. healthy livingSome research results suggest a positive effect whereas others do not.

healthy livingIn theory, hypnosis should have the potential to help people change their habits in ways which result in a slimmer body. However, motivating someone to lose weight is more complex than, for example, stopping smoking. For smoking the goal is clear and simple. At the end of the session the client stops putting cigarettes in their mouth.

Weight loss, on the other hand, is more complex. Is it going to be achieved by more exercise or a change in diet? If exercise, which type of exercise and when? If diet, which sorts of foods are to be chosen or rejected and what quantities are involved?

For one person, changes in diet may be more appropriate, for another it’s exercise. The variation in the results of scientific studies into hypnotherapy and weight loss may, in part, be caused by these complicating issues. Many commercially available self-hypnosis recordings are full of numerous vague and complicated suggestions. It is no wonder the listener becomes so confused they fail to make any changes which result in weight loss.

At Infinite Minds Clinical Hypotherapy, a tailored approach is applied. The aim of the first session is to identify a single goal for behavioural change which is specific, achievable and if possible, enjoyable. The goal needs to be something you believe, with a little effort, is possible for you to achieve. It also needs to be something you believe you will enjoy in the long term. There is no point in setting yourself the goal of running, if you hate running.

Some examples of specific goals are:

  • “I don’t buy or eat chocolate”
  • “When I buy take-away it’s Japanese instead of Pizza”
  • “I go to the gym every Tuesday and Thursday at lunch time”
  • “I don’t drink alcohol unless it’s a social function”

Compare these to vague goals such as:

  • “I’m going to eat less fatty food”
  • “I’m going to exercise more”
  • “I’m going to cut back on my drinking”

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