Any given information or advice from Paul R Scaife at Infinite Minds (hereafter known as Infinite-Minds) whilst having Hypnosis, Reiki, any kind of Reading with or without mediumship and any kind of tutoring, life coaching and teaching is not to be constructed as directions, recommendations, or prescriptions of any kind. Said information is not to be interpreted as a substitution for or any addition to medical advice, opinions or treatment from a qualified physician. Paul from Infinite Minds will be harmless from any and all claims and from or arising out of my uses of said information for the above mentioned purposes. Whether a home visit or visit to Paul (Infinite- Minds) I understand that there will be no liability to Paul (Infinite Minds) for loss of damage, injury or any mishaps whilst in the care of Paul home or away.

Results may very from person to person with Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy/Readings/Mediumship/Reiki healing and teaching and results are not guaranteed.

Infinite-Minds.co.uk can not treat, prescribe or diagnose any condition.

Any reading from Paul (Infinite-Minds) including mediumship is a from of experiment. No claims are made and results cannot be guaranteed. I am not here to tell fortunes, but to try and give evidence of survival which may include a glimpse from spirit as to the overall situation of the individual at that particular time (also known as guidance or a spiritual attunement) I can only give communications received through my own spiritual connection. If it becomes clear within the first ten minutes of the reading that a satisfactory communication has not been established, then either the client or myself reserves the right to terminate the reading and no fee will be payable, and any given money paid in full or a deposit will be refunded. After this point the client will be deemed to be satisfied and to continue with the reading.

You may see or hear things which you have not experienced before. If you feel you would be vulnerable and cannot accept these terms and conditions then please don’t come.

A disclaimer form will be handed to the client on arrival for any given service and must be read by the client and then signed and dated to confirm the understanding of the terms and conditions.

Readings, Hypnotherapy and Reiki are to be booked with Infinite-Minds.co.uk are to be paid in full or a deposit in ADVANCE via PayPal, bank transfer, cash in person or bitcoin. A booking reference and time slot allocated will be given to you at the time of booking. Infinite-Minds.co.uk will carry out the Hypnosis, Reading or Reiki at the Date and time stated via in person or Skype.

Readings, Hypnotherapy and Reiki must be booked through allocated time slots. Infinite Minds reserves the right to postpone or cancel any appointments within a reasonable time of notice. Hypnotherapy, Readings and Reiki can be booked in advance or several appointments can be booked at the same time using the booking system provided. The time limit of one hour per reading can be booked, readings cannot be booked for longer than this however advance bookings for future readings can be made however this cannot be on the same day. Time slots can be booked for friends and family from the same account however it must be specified that this is for someone else on checkout of the payment otherwise the reading will be refunded and the slot cancelled.

Excessive callers or customers seeking daily readings will be discouraged from doing so. Readings are solely to be used as a guide and not relied upon to make decisions based on work family or life matters. Readings are given for entertainment purposes and therefore Infinte-Minds.co.uk can not be held responsible for personal choices based on what was disclosed in the reading. Infinite-Minds.co.uk reserves the right to terminate a reading or to refuse a reading if callers are excessive or appear to be reliant on information given to them at the time of the reading. Callers making daily bookings will be advised of this and directed elsewhere if appropriate. Customers wanting daily input are advised to use the chat forum. Any Hypnotherapy, Reading or Reiki that is refused by Infinite-Minds.co.uk will be refunded in full via PayPal

Please do not be abusive to our staff, if clients become abusive to myself then the appointment will be terminated and no refund will be given. Abusive clients will be barred from using Infinite-minds.co.uk on future occasions and should the client be of a threatening nature then your details may be passed to police dependent on the severity of the threat. Abuse including swearing, shouting, name calling, making aggressive comments about the Hypnotherapy, Reading or Reiki or being generally unpleasant will result in your appointment being terminated and no refund for the time left.

If you are unhappy with your appointment please inform myself within the first five minutes of the appointment, on rare occasions on Skype a connection cannot be made and therefore Infinite-minds will inform you that he cannot make the appointment and will give you further options. If this is the case you will either be offered another appointment at a later time and date or a refund dependent on if the appointment has not gone over the five minute cut off point. Should you have a full Hypnotherapy, Reading or Reiki appointment and feel you are unhappy for any reason you can contact me through email and I will review your complaint. Please note that readings given are for entertainment purposes only and not intended to be factual advice that can be relied upon. Refunds cannot be given when the reading has taken place and you have accepted the reading in good faith.

Should the Skype be disconnected due to a service error then another appointment will be offered in replacement or a refund will be offered.

If you feel you have been treated unfairly then please contact me directly by email or telephone and I will endeavour to come to a resolution with you.

Face to face Hypnotherapy, Readings and Reiki can be paid for in advance or on the day of your appointment providing a deposit has been paid. If paid for in advance and you cannot make your appointment please give a minimum 24 hours’ notice to cancel or amend if 24 hours is not given no refund will be issued.

Cancellation or no contact on the time slot of your appointment will result in you losing that time slot and another available appointment will progress at the next slot. If your Hypnotherapy, Reading or Reiki appointment commence late no amendment to the time slot can be made unless specified by Infinite Minds. If there is no other available booking at the time slot after on occasions you will be able to adjust the time slot. If calls are made late and there is another reading booked your reading will only commence and end at the end of the allotted time. If you wish to cancel or amend a reading please give 24 hour’s notice. If you do not call at your allotted time then no refund will be given. In the event of Infinite-Minds.co.uk having to cancel a time slot you will be notified and another slot will be issued. If you do not want this time slot then a refund will be offered. As I am aware that unforeseeable events occur dependant on the nature of this I will on occasions offer you another slot if your circumstances are genuine and you missed a slot due to an emergency, illness or technical fault with an internet connection.

At no point will permission be granted to copy publish or use information or evidence from this site. Sharing of photos or stories is prohibited as is use of these on other websites and solely for the use of Infinite Minds. Should I wish to publish photos or stories on Facebook or twitter I will seek your permission to do so and cannot be responsible for public comment or messages received. I will constantly monitor social media pages to the best of my ability and where inappropriate comments are written shall remove them and the offending person blocked from making further comments.

Infinite-Minds.co.uk cannot take responsibility for actions taken based upon your appointment, readings are used a guide and for entertainment purposes only and cannot be relied upon when making decisions and this is solely the responsibility of the recipient of the reading.

In the event of internet or email server failure Infinite-Minds.co.uk will inform you that the delivery of your email may be delayed. If such a failure occurs for a long period (7 days or more) you will be refunded for your purchase via PayPal.

Feedback is always welcome however please refrain from being abusive or unpleasant. Customers sending abusive emails will be barred and blocked from using the service

Facebook & Social Media

We ask you to be respectful of other users and not to make comments that are hurtful unpleasant or abusive to other members.

Feedback can be critical however must be appropriate and polite

Any users making abusive comments will be barred and comments removed. Infinite-Minds.co.uk monitors all posts and messages and reserves the right to remove any messages.

All posts will be screened before publishing anyone wishing to post to the pages must send posts through direct message.

Online Readings

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