We all have a time or times in our lives when we need a little help, guidance and support. As a Clairvoyant medium (Or as I prefer to call it a spirit Communicator) having worked with the spirit world for a number of years I am able to work with your guides and loved ones in the spirit world, who although passed are still guiding you.

Paul Scaife

Have you ever gotten to a point in life where you feel a little lost and need some advice and guidance? this is normal, we all suffer this, do not despair, help is at hand, it could be that it is your love life: or career choice, perhaps you have had an opportunity fall onto your lap and cannot decide which path to take, or have you ever wanted to contact a loved one who has passed back to the spirit world? I can help you!

Paul doing a reading

Paul doing a reading

Well if you answered yes to any of the above then a psychic mediumship reading could be for you.

With my all encompassing LIFE READINGS, I will work with your loved ones for evidence (this will show you it is them who are communicating and not just me, they often will give, post the evidential work, advice and messages to reassure you, there is nothing to fear, they are still around you, now and always.

I will also work with you on a psychic level using my tarot, angel and oracle cards, in this way I will be able to connect with you on a deep energy level giving you further information about you, those around you and  perhaps what is going on in your life that may need attention, in order that you can make the better decisions on what is right for you.

I started originally in a town called Paderborn in Germany and I am now prepared to work all over the UK and further afield.

After studying alongside many different mediums, carrying out different exercises and meditations I learned to work more and more with my spirit guides and loved ones in the spirit world. Even studying at the Author Findlay college in Stansted on different courses and occasion in order to progress my abilities, these are all officially led and run by the SNU.

Any Reading can be done privately (one to one) or in a audience (public forum) Readings from your own home to a larger public place can be arranged by contacting me personally and arranging your needs.

If you feel you are too far away from me then think again. I’m able to work on Skype directly and or will travel to you, wherever you may be so long as there has been a none refundable deposits taken and  there are enough people in attendance.

Readings worldwide available over skype – contact me direct for further info or leave me a message