I would like to thank a great gentleman and an even better hypnotherapist Paul.

Cutting to the chase…I have been a smoker for the past twenty years and I have tried every form of quitting aids with no success.

I had one session of deep hypnosis with Paul and I am blown away with the results.

I am a person who is very sceptical and have a hard exterior meaning I always keep my cool. Paul however, during my hypnotherapy session broke down those walls and got to the heart of my smoking habit and eradicated it. I really never thought I could be under anyone’s spell.

So from twenty years always outside against a wall having a cigarette to a non smoker is absolutely amazing and my husband and children are over the moon.

The urge for a cigarette is long gone and I feel better for it, smell better for it and have a lot more energy for it.

So I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH. I hope to see you again but not in those circumstances. An amazing and powerful guy you are and I highly recommend you to all. Thanks again.